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Does insurance pay this?

by Dec 30, 2019


Does insurance pay this? How many times a day do healthcare providers and insurance people hear that question?

This morning I was at the gym, and I heard a woman ask the receptionist if her insurance would cover a yoga class because if it wasn’t, she was not taking the class. The receptionist responded – “No. The Stupid insurance companies don’t really pay for anything!”

Ignoring the absurdity of asking your insurance company to pay for yoga classes:
Do you ask the Mechanic, “Will insurance pay for this?” for an oil change?

Do you ask at the grocery store grocery, “Will insurance pay for this?” When looking at vegetables and doughnuts?

These may seem silly, but in my health insurance practice, I have been told more than once that a mother will not get treatment for a child unless it’s covered by insurance. One mother (with HMO coverage) complained she could not get health care for her children. She was complaining about her new iPhone she took from her Coach purse while holding a Starbucks Latte. Her son needed a shot required for school admission.

 There is a disconnect in the discussion of this topic in our everyday conversations, the national media, and our elected representatives. It goes like this!

 “The cost of health care is out of control we have to limit the insurance companies!”

 “Insurance cost” is a symptom, and “health care cost” is the problem. You may not be able to afford the Mayo Clinic, but that does not mean health care is not available to you. And now, healthcare coverage is available to everybody who wants to apply for it.

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